Saturday, August 1, 2009


My family and I went to Cancun for a week of Rest and Relaxation. It was the best vacation I have ever had. It was all inclusive, flight, food, tips, cocktails, room service and never ending fun. The seven days went to fast.

We sat in the pool chairs with the jets and drank our Corona's, bloody Mary's, Mud Slides and then we would get out of pool and drink some more. We had 4 pools to choose from and one had a bar in the middle of the pool and you can swim up to the bar and order more drinks. Then walk back to the Activity pool and jump in on the water aerobics class and have such a great time. There are only two rules during aerobics, 1. Smile 2. when ask how we feel we answer Super Sexy! Well after 45 minutes we get in a line and come out of the pool and have 15 minutes of Latin dancing. By then it is time to get fresh drinks. Get the picture? We are having a very relaxing time. I had two full body massages and Leslie had a pedicure and massage.

The kids went snorkeling but I stayed at the resort to make sure I didn't miss any fun at the activity pool, or the lunch buffet, and more mud slides. I made friends with the Director of Entertainment and he adopted my family and my grand daughters were in awe of his talents on stage and the activities in the pool. The youngmen and women work from 8 in the morning until 3am. Then back to the pool at 8am for Yoga classes and stretches and the little Broadway shows at night. One of the Seven restaurants opens at 10pm and closes at 6am. It is a sports bar with sandwiches and drinks so if you can't sleep you can entertain yourself at the sports bar.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June Reunion in Ohio

Well we are going to Akron, Ohio June 15th to a family reunion. A first family reunion for the Kirby/Davis side. Mom and Dad would be proud that after all these years we are going to get the generations together to meet each other. Since I have never been to a reunion of family I'm not sure what needs to be done. I'm guessing name tags and everyone signing a book to make a list of addresses and e-mail address and cell phone numbers and pictures to place on FaceBook. After the reunion Norma and I are going to Harrisburg, Pa to stop and see friends we met in Bradenton. Looking forward to a great two weeks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well you would think since I am Scotch/Irish my name would be O'Lalos.
But I married the Greek so once a year I must add the O to my present last name. My heritage is Kirby-Davis-McFaye-Harris. At the moment that is all the farther I have researched, more to come for sure.
St. Patty's Clover Pinwheel So I truly wish each and everyone of you a very special Day on the 17th and drink lots of green beer and eat lots of corn beef and cabbage. Do not forget the potatoes for the Irish in you

St. Patty's Flag Wave

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shelby-Gail's Confirmation

Shelby Gail celebrated her confirmation at St. Peter and Pauls. I am so proud of her making this step into becoming a young woman. The service was so nice and so many others along with her. A total of 65 made their confirmation. She is growing so fast and so beautiful inside and out. She is at a very hard stage in process of becoming a young lady now and leaving childhood. She has so many decisions to make and if she makes a wrong decision she learns from her mistake and grows from the experience. That is how it is suppose to work in life RIGHT? One hopes it does. Her she is with her Aunt Barbara Manson her sponsor.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Christmas dinner at the Manson's was outstanding. The menu consisted of Crab legs, mussels, clams, Prime rib, Leah's great Greek Salad and the company of family was one of the best presents. Sarah and Shelby are growing so fast as well as all the other grand children.

Christmas Eve at Boo boo's House is a cherished treat that my family has enjoyed for the past twenty years. Her Christmas Tree is like no other. I have never seen a village under the tree as complete as hers. She has different sections of town and hills and ice skating and a business section that is the business section of everyone's memories. She just does the most out standing job. Leslie and Niko came to Florida for Christmas this year and stayed with me.
The kids bought me the WII and we had such fun. My bowling skills are getting better and my golf skills suck. Tennis needs even more work. I have had such fun and Niko is getting so big. He is same height as me and wears a 10 1/2 shoe. He can pass his 10's on to Uncle George.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Three Week Count Down

I can't believe it is only three weeks to Christmas. It seems like it should only be July 4th, what happened where did the months go????????????

There are things to do places to go, cards to make cookies to bake and eat. Presents to wrap and buy or make. Goodness I better get more organized.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

SPA Week-end

What a great 4 day week-end. My daughters from Ohio and NJ and Fl all were in town to celebrate my baby girl's birthday. I ask Lana to come to town without knowing where we were going and what we were doing. Leah and I drove to Tampa to the Tahitian Inn and Spa on Wednesday October 29 th and checked in. We had Swedish massages at 5pm and at 6pm we felt like JELLO. We went to Chic a flic and had a quick bite and talked about how great the massage was. We then went to TIA to pick up the girls. Lana arrived from Philadelphia at 9 pm so we went into TGI FRIDAY'S for a bite to eat and wait for Leslie and Leanne who were arriving from Atlanta at 11:45.

We went back to the Tahitian Inn and slept. The three girls had their massages at 9am and 10am and then we checked out of the Inn and had brunch in their Cafe. The girl's enjoyed their massages very much. What a way to start a week-end.

We drove to Bradenton and Lana thought we maybe going to another town or east coast, or we might get on another plane and go to Las Vegas. We drove to Bradenton Beach and stayed at the Sand Pebbles. Our apartment/Condo was right on the beach and we walked out in the morning and had our coffee on the beach. I had the best time of my life just relaxing and laughing with the girls. We cooked on the grill and drank, martini's, margirita's, corono's and Michelob's. It took the girl's about 2 days to really wind down and enjoy completely. I had a friend of mine come and give everyone a massage again on Saturday so when Leanne went home Sunday she was relaxed. Leslie went sunday night and Lana Tuesday. All of us voted before they came and I voted on Tuesday AM and I was very impressed with how the results happened and the feelings of the whole world gave me goosebumps. It will be so interesting to see how the next four years unfolds. I feel this is all part of God's plan and it will unfold to everyone's advantage. What a chance to be a part of History. It is very Heartfelt by many.